fuck you. Well, its a british "joke" in my school. it makes no sense but who cares
Bitch you, Tina!

You are such an idiot, bitch you!
by put this under you skin October 8, 2005
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What you say when some trick says she fucked your man
Girl 1: Your man fucked my pussy so good last night.

Girl 2: Bitch you lyin, he was with me all night!
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When someone tells someone something is going happen but than does not happen the person would say Bitch You Thought.
Bob: Im going to beat you in this video game Seth.
*Bob Looses Game*
Seth:Bitch You Thought!
by Bobyellow August 9, 2017
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when you are trying to reject or prove someone wrong.
Boy: You want to be my girlfrend
Girl : BItch you thought
by awesome ass fuckk January 26, 2017
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A phrase you say when I bitch who is also a thot tries to take your man
Patrisha “hey James 😉”
Falesha *drop kicks patrisha* “BITCH YOU THOT
by Fucthot69 October 26, 2017
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From the song "u guessed it" feat. 2. Chainz by Og Maco the term "Bitch you guessed it" is pretty much a cocky way of saying you're right.
Paul: "How tall are you?"

Tyrone: "guess."
Paul: "idk 6 foot?"
Tyrone: "Bitch you guessed it"
by Baby Jade January 11, 2016
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When a bitch acts as if something is true; relevant but its not and or she knows better.
Bitch you tried it.
by 0FuxGiven April 6, 2016
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