to mercilessly fuck, bone and or screw a shady/skanky girl
1) I would definately slay that chick!

2) I slayed the fuck out of that hoocker last night!

3) Slay that bitch!

4) Freddy is off slaying fat bitches...
by karmaster March 19, 2006
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The great skill and “swag” at which you cock sword me, leaves me squirming and sounding as if I’m dying.
by Ryans biatch September 28, 2020
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When you first insert the tip and start off thrusting slowly with just that to get the woman to lower her expectations. Then, slide the whole schlong in and start rapidly pounding and when she is about to climax, swing your penis up to tear her vagina and effectively "slay" her.
Guy 1: Where Veronica today?
Guy 2: Oh I slayed her yesterday night!
Guy 1: Daaamn!! She at the hospital?
Guy 2: Yuuup~.
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by Spice Pounder February 02, 2017
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verb - In the U.S. Naval Academy, to have sex with another Midshipman without emotional attachment. When slaying becomes dating, the correct term is dark side

slayer (noun) - One who engages in slaying
My roommate is a slayer.
by Joe Mid March 17, 2005
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just incredible amazement, so fucking fun
Me: You own a beer?
Dude: Ya
Me: That Slays me
Dude: You say slays too?
Me: Ya, its the best way to describe someone who owns a beer!
by dumbfuck18 February 12, 2008
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