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1. A demographic displaying a fashion genre involving a grimy and unwashed skater look. The term is derived from the musical genres "ska" and "grunge". The people dressed in this manner usually have multiple piercings, eclectic attire which often appears to be stolen off the backs of the homeless, ratty greasy hair - sometimes styled in an orderly, if outlandish manner, but often in total dissaray. Some gothic influence is often apparent. Their musical taste may include ska, grunge, punk and death metal.
Ninety percent of the people at that concert were skunge.
by Sterling the Great February 22, 2007
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The precise moment in a relationship when you personally realize why things went sour between your S.O. and their ex. Much like an epiphany. May be turned into a verb: "beskunge".
"I had a moment of absolute skunge when he pawned my PS3 for weed money. Oh hell."

"Hey man, you're about to beskunge things up with (insert S.O.'s name) like you did with (insert ex's name), get your shit together. Don't beskunge it."
by battlemedic December 11, 2009
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a slang term defining a female who sleeps around alot, has little to no morals, and / or is harbouring some form of STI.

Sarah had sex with two people in that club? what a skunge!
Jodie caught Cyphilis? what a skunge!
no i will not have sex with you, you skunge
fuck off you skunge
by urb4n_king May 03, 2008
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