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An Australian term for guzzling down a large alcoholic beverage, (usually beer) in a large glass or mug without taking a breath.
Eric and Darin had a skulling contest and Eric skulled a whole quart in 6 seconds.

by Danny Ray Wilson June 15, 2008
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When you send a message on discord and instantly delete it, often of times it is an offensive or rude comment.
Jake: Someone's skulling 0.o
by victory traumatizer August 27, 2017
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To darken out the eyes and mouth of a face in a magazine or billboard. It is a form of Brand Bombing.
Who keeps skulling all the posters at this bus stop?
by BugJ August 26, 2007
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To drink beer from the skull of your enimies. It is sometimes done by gangs,flash gangs and criminal organizations ect.
After we wiped out our rival gang were skulling tonignt.
by The wrath of God September 27, 2010
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the act of breaking into a cemetery with the intent to dig up a corpse to dismember the body and make a Pipe or Bong for smoking marijuana out of the dead bodies Skull.
"Yo get da boyz and a shovel lets hit the graveyard...I feel like Skulling tonight"
by JoeMamaAngieDaddy December 06, 2011
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