Okay, okay Monica so u don't like anal... well, gimme some skull then, hon...
Ahh, and have a cigar...
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
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a framework of bone or cartilage enclosing the brain of a vertebrate; the skeleton of a person's or animal's head.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018
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"I skulled the Muthafucker"; "Don't make me skull you!"
by Zilla67 August 25, 2008
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Created in an attempt to imagine what in the world someone could have going on in their head when they say or do something absolutely ridiculous/ illogical/ or straight up retarded. This person must be lacking a brain in their head i.e having nothing more than a flesh covered skull resting on their neck. Skull.
What a skull!

This guy is skulled out!

Did you see what Baptiste just did?! He's been skullin out all day!
by nep503 January 30, 2011
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(n)A crazy person. A form of sex. (prop. n) The Man. (v) To flip out, lose one's mind. Act in such an insane manner that it would scare people. Often accompanied by yelling, swearing, punching, and throwing things. Intensified by consuming large quantities of alcohol. To get some form of sex. Skullcap
That guy is a complete skull! Dude, that's Skull! I'm fukkin' skulling over here! Gimme some skull beeyotch!
by Elvis-TCB December 16, 2005
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When someone’s giving head and uses too much teeth
“She was shredding my wood, dawg. She didn’t give me that head, she gave me skull☠️“
by Lunarsahara October 24, 2022
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Oral sex given by either gender.
His tongue makes her clit so hard when he is giving skull.

She gives some mean skull.
by Crazy4Skull September 8, 2003
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