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Czech automaker, now part of Volkswagen Auto Group. Has been building cars for over a hundred years. Despite poor build quality during latter half of the 20th century, has been transformed by VW AG into the producer of some of the most reliable cars in the world, with an excellent dealer network to match. Currently offers the Fabia, Octavia, and Superb, with many choices of body styles and engines. Despite being criticized for staid design, which has closely resembled VW and SEAT cars, Skoda has a very progressive development team that is not afraid to try radical things. Offers very economical transport to those with a limited budget, and magnificent automobiles to those who have the money to shop elsewhere if they so desired. Unbeatable combination of price and quality will contribute to its growth and success over the next hundred years.
The Phaeton is about as popular as the Skoda Superb, but the latter is much braver statement.
by Hans Blix August 28, 2005
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skoda = "let's-go-to-the..."
Skoda stoe. = "let's-go-to-the store".
by sareff January 27, 2006
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SKODA means "let's go to the ... (whatever)."
PETER: Bobo, skoda mo. (Bobby, let's go to the mall.)

BOBBY: Yo! Sko bro! (Yeah. Let's go brutha.)
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Czech car that obtained a really poor image in the sixties, seveties and eighties for its basic production and nasty little engines. Possibly one of the worst cars ever. For some reason, Volkswagen bought them out, and made them a lot better.
Skoda survived other commie crap such as lada
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
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mixed sperm and vagina juice, fermented to perfection; used as a drink by college boys given to college girls so that the college boy has another reason to ejaculate.
FUUUUUUCK, she guzzled my skoda all night!
by Justin August 04, 2004
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carbonated semen, cum, or man juice; usually drank by people who have excessive dirty sex.
Becky is such a hoe, she drank all my skoda last night.
by TheJustinGMan August 23, 2004
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A Czech car, looks loke shit, drives like shit, stinks like shit.
Also made a Sports model, the Skoda Rapide.
"Look mom, that bum drives a Skoda"
"If you can't afford a busticket, theres always Skoda"
"Now they don't send people to prison anymore, they buy them a Skoda"
by TC-DK September 07, 2003
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