Same thing as high school girls but with bigger tits and legal. But still bitchy, cause drama, are sluts, anorexics, party, blah blah blah
College girls are not much different than high school girls. Most of them are 18 or 19.
by Kyle 230 May 5, 2010
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It is believed that these type girls (majority around the ages 18-24) are supposedly the most mature, most attractive looking, & most open-minded girls you'll meet once you finish high school. However, they are not like this at all.

In reality, lots of college girls are about as immature as high school girls. They are the one's who are responsible for causing more drama than any group of people. Some college girls are actually whores & all of them date assholes. The ugly ones are Feminists while the pretty ones are morons. They aren't exactly very open-minded either. People, such as nerds, gamers, goths, etc., are still considered "losers" by their standards. All college girls are whores & will fuck anyone they so please---this is why college girls make terrible relationship partners. The ones who got fucked in high school & are now single moms (baby mamas) should also be avoided because they are whores.

College girls might be great eye candy, but they are not relationship material.
All college girls are the same! They are always dating assholes while complaining about it. College girls have no souls.
by Penis-mon July 2, 2011
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she's a bad thing.. she doin her thing.. that girl right there got knowledge.. her mom and dad, were happy as hell, when they sent that girl to college.
The way she use her mouth, I swear she has great logic... she's a college girl, she's nasty.
by bitchplease3 July 27, 2007
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A pornographic business where TJ the stud bangs the hottest and fittest young girls you will ever encounter with your very eyes, and continues to hardcore fuck them in all kinds of positions. Every girl has a mesmerising cumshot on her, most of the time her face, at the end. TJ is very fat, but he has a nice dick
Did you watch Ada in Exploited College Girls? How she got pounded by that huge penis! To say her body is perfect would be an insult
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College Girl Syndrome is the event in which your significant other through high school eventually goes to college and becomes a whore. This usually encompasses most women due to the low morals of todays society. In most cases it begins when you and the love of your life go to different schools, and then you find out she's being gang banged by the local rugby team or some shit. I feel as though the sudden influx of dick as the leading cause. It has had a proven success rate of around 85% thus far.
John decided to go to Michigan. Mary decided to go to Michigan state. One night at a party, Mary got college girl syndrome and worried about not getting enough penis. She eventually broke up with john to become common street trash
by T-bagnus November 15, 2008
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The theory that states (or implies) that college girls say that their "perfect man" is nice, and treats them like a woman; however, all college girls actually enjoy being mistreated in every way except for being cheated on (secretly, every human knows that women crave attention, whether or not they show it or not).
Jon: What the hell, man? I've always been nice to Erica, and she knows I like her. I even bought her earrings with her chocolate and roses for Valentine's day. But she never really acknowledged me...until recently. I've just been ignoring her and not paying attention to her. Now she texts me just to say hi.

Brian: Yea, it's the college girl theory in full effect. She misses the attention, and is now more attracted to you than ever.
by Domonic February 19, 2009
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