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this is a legendary car made by the soviet. this is a car that is tougher than a Nokia brick. this is a car that helps the slavs get through the hard times of after ww2. these cars can be transformed into slavmoblie tanks airplanes and Chernobyl taxis . thatch why i think ladas are the best car ever
my friend lewis would say that the merc grand turismo is better than a lada but i beg to differ
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by ur nan is my grandad March 27, 2019
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A corn tortilla rolled around a filling, and smothered with chili. Popular Tex Mex food.
Hey, what do you say we swing by El Fenix and grab some ladas before the mavs game?
by OED214 April 04, 2019
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The most beautiful,intelligent,amazing girl in the world.
Your really lucky if you know a lada.
by Chrisyboo January 17, 2011
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The car manufacturer started in Soviet Russia.
Known for everything that is wrong with them. If you are going to rent a lada in russia get the rental insurance, %20 percent of the time something will fall off, break, stop working, not work in the first place, start on fire...
Only after the fall of the Soviet Union has the Lada company heard of Competition and have had to make a better car.

Old ladas are so shitty that they are also used in the following activities:
1.raced on ice and snow until they fall apart
2.Off-roading until they fall apart
3.Shot at while moving (brick put on gas pedal because they don't have cruise control and they are too weak to just leave in 2nd gear)
4. Use your imagination and think up something else
A lada is the Russian equivalent to the GM Chevette or the AMCGremlin(def. #7), they just don't come in hatchback format.
by Pvt. Parts March 04, 2006
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Acronym for Larga Distancia Automรกtica in Mexico. Resemblance with area code.
Q: What's the LADA code for Mexico City?
A: 55
by fLim November 08, 2006
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