Amazing rough sex that is sometimes illegal, but always pleasurable.
Dang! I think I broke the law with that dirty sex last night!
by C&A productions April 10, 2014
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When couples engage in sexual intercourse for extended periods of time without washing or cleaning off genitalia from bodily fluids, such as sweat, lube, and/or ejaculate.
Jack and Jill engaged in some real dirty sex after arriving home from a long workout at the gym.
by The Real Matricks January 29, 2019
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The art of practicing intercourse while talking about items that are generally not clean or sanitary as a form of foreplay or climax stimulation. We discovered that the port-a-potty was our Dirty Sex fastest climax, we've been using it for years, it never gets old.

Bob and Diane practice Dirty Sex and they like to use the sewage treatment plant to climax.
by Cum Dumpster Anal Whore December 28, 2018
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The sex had or alluded to by Norm Macdonald in many of his comedic sketches.
"Look! That dirty dirty midget is having dirty dirty sex with that prostitute!"
by billbucketsworth March 11, 2012
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when you have but sex with a dirty dick and get an infection in your bowels
hey gary why did u go to the hospital, (gary says) man i had dirty but sex and got sick, oooo it hurts
by ShoTTa BiGGs November 19, 2008
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when some one has dirty sex with someones ass hole. usually gay sex
wow dan loves his dirty bum sex
by the hulk man October 17, 2008
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