a snide remark used to suggest that the root cause of a problem lies with the incompetence / lack of skill of the person expressing said problem.

it is often used cheekily and ironically in response to situations where the problem genuinely lies outside of the person's control, for the purposes of trolling.

see also: BM; toxic
'it's impossible to fight against these players with their pay-to-win equipment that kills us in one hit. i think their stats need to be balanced.'
'sounds like skill issue'
by Randomystick February 7, 2022
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A word describing the lack of skill in ones performance in a game.

Sometimes used sarcastically when someone dies to something that is overpowered or unbalanced.
"Dude he literally just one comboed me, how is that fair?"
"Skill issue."
by rogue lineage sucks January 3, 2021
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Something that is your problem
Zaine: My grandma died
Mia: Sounds like a skill issue
by insanityhome December 20, 2022
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Something you say when someone complains about a game aspect that is completely their fault and has nothing wrong with it.
Guy A: Man this boss is so fucking OP, it’s attacks can’t be dodged and it backs me up into a corner every time
Guy B: Man that kinda smells like Skill Issue to me
by Creator_of_ Niat November 28, 2020
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This can either be used as a 14 year olds attempt at humor online, or a phrase to use in an arguement. This is commonly used by demon slayer pfps on discord or 13 year olds who have no friends.
(giving a balancing suggestion to a game developer) "hey, can you nerf this move? it 1 shot me and im supposed to be really tanky", "skill issue"
by solhu April 19, 2021
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a dumb stupid phrase to use alongside "L" and "bad" when you run out of comebacks to a losing argument
lol you fall you have skill issue tbh
by fdsjhfu23123123123 April 17, 2021
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1. a word used by a overweight retard who never goes outside when they kill a pixel man in any game
2. see above
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7. see above
People who unironically use "skill issue" are more likely to be diagnosed with obesity?
by trollface moment September 16, 2021
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