The verb “to root cause” is the action of identifying the root cause of a fault or problem.
I’m root causing the root cause right.
by Phillyclause89 June 4, 2018
The basic cause of something. A root cause is an initiating cause of either a condition or a causal chain that leads to an outcome or effect of interest. The term denotes the earliest, most basic, 'deepest', cause for a given behavior; most often a fault.
these drugs do not address the root cause of the problem
by Phillyclause89 June 4, 2018
A specific type of avoidance tactic used by an incompetent, unqualified moron who is tasked to carry out a specific mission.
Earl: Hey, did you hear the Vice President was put in charge of our border crisis?

Phil: Of course, but she proceeded to go on a root causes tour to the northern triangle countries instead of visiting our border where the actual crisis exists. Kamala is such a tool!
by BigEd129 June 12, 2021