Leng is a word that describes something SUPER attractive. It's a leveled up version of peng and both words are roadman slang, used on the streets of Britain. It can be used for males, female, or even inanimate objects, or just to describe something that's reaaaaalllly good. If you want to use leng, then the thing/person has to REALLY REALLY be attractive.
"OMG , Samir is SO leng..."
"Raaah fam this pizza is WAY lenger than your crusty dusty sandwich over there!"
"Bro that girl is lenggggg."
"This drawing is so leng."
by lenglengmandem July 3, 2019
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"I saw them Hackney boys,so I pulled out my leng and started shooting at them"
by Caruthers July 12, 2005
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leng is used to describe someone who is very very good looking.

the chavvy definition for a girl or something that is very good looking would usually be 'peng' but leng is someone who is even more peng than peng so... some people call it leng.
'rah shes a leng one'
'dat leng ones cute yano'
by bazzer yh pal March 23, 2020
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literally means anything good or sick in and around the stafford area, west midlands, england.
chav1 - "yo blud this box is leng innit"
chavvy - "yeh man"
by Chim Chim Chi Ru December 13, 2010
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"Hide the cheng, its the leng!"
by Edit July 1, 2005
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What Biggs calls his squad on Youtube.
Ricky is just so leng.
by Xavier123 May 20, 2021
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