1. adj. to describe some one a slutty, or like a whore
2. chubby teens in clothes too tight that makes them look like a sausage busting out of the casing.
Carla is looking a bit whorish today with that half shirt coving her belly - whouldn;t that thing be flat?!!?!
by Bud E Love May 14, 2003
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evil, fucked up, tits flying high, all gone wrong, fucked
the net is acting fucking whorish to day
by bob1128 December 13, 2005
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guys that are man sluttish not acual sluts but sluttish. thats what man whorish is, dumping one girl for another, cheating, and such.
that dude is always clinging to all the girls hes so man whorish
by ello kitty 1515 September 14, 2011
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Selfish, thieving, lying, herpes infected, gonorrhea spreading remorseless, ground meat looking stomach having uneducated careless slut goes by name of Amanda. Known to get agitated when asked to shower before sex for she sees no issue with rank unwashed pussy.
What the hell was I thinking dating that Whorish Skank Amanda ?
by Nobody you'd know December 6, 2017
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someone who talks shit or sucks alot of cock
that chick sucked John, and Ryan's cock last night, and then gave them both the snow ball. what a whorish mouth she has.
by z man zan August 11, 2009
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someone who is agile and stealthy in the ways s/he gets with multiple partners...
"Man J, has gotten with 10 girls this week, hes just a whorish ninja"
by Sabinkid April 14, 2005
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A complete exclamation designed to express an emotional reaction to the person in which the comment/sentence is directed.

The advantage, and disadvantage, of this approach is that it fully states its message, leaving nothing to the imagination of the person in which it is directed.

An exclamation made by one person to another, demanding silence from said person, generally in a friendly and/or joking manner, but not limited to just that.

An angry, but generally unnecessary, outburst - often aimed at a female that has just hurt a male's ego verbally.
On the television: There's a break in the comedic program, sending the show into commercial break. There's a moment of silence.

Jane: looks at her sister "YOU SHUT YOUR WHORISH MOUTH!"

Both: ***Explode into peals of laughter then go back to watching the television***
by The Hush January 23, 2012
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