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to exploit and then exacerbate a colleague's alcohol-impairment by leading them on a seemingly impromptu binge of restaurants, taverns, and night clubs. Extreme instances may involve patronage of bordellos, but in all cases alcohol is consumed in near-lethal quantities. It's of popular belief that the motivation of the culprit is the attainment of perverse pleasure at the expense of the victim, the following day; disheveled appearance, disagreeable aroma, severe tardiness/loss of productivity, naseau, difficulty maintaining consciousness, and incontinence. The term was coined after A. Siggers, a mid-nineteenth gambler from London, England who reportedly employed slight of hand to appear as if he was drinking, but did not ever actually imbibe.
to sigger" < L exempli gratia: "I got so siggered last night I traded pants with a homeless person. Wait a minute. Who are you and where did that chicken come from?
by ponyboy70 November 02, 2010
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An unnaturally thin penis (thought to have evolved from cigarettes)
Gem: So was he good in bed?
Caroline: Nah, could barely feel him. His dick was like siggers!
by Tbag001 March 19, 2008
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Sigger: (sig-ger): verb, english, Southern Alabama slang, East Tennessee slang: 1) to fail to hold up your end of the deal, to not do as agreed. 2) to do a socially rude thing. Uses: siggered, siggering, siggerer, siggerous.

History: During the Civil War, a Confederate Colonel by the name of John R. Siggers was responsible for securing a ford near Mossy Creek in the absence of Col. Iris Red Hair. Col. Sigger was injured in an earlier scurmage and said to have lost his mind. Col Sigger was said deemed unfit to return to duty, but he convinced his commanding office Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis to place him in command of the creek ford that offered an easy access to the Confederate flank. Col. Sigger told Gen. Sturgis that he would hold the ford or this name would be forever know as one of incomplete responsibilities. The Union forces under Col. Samuel R. Mott routed Sigger and his defender with a classic flank attack. Col Sigger was killed in the battle, but he sent a dispatch to Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis. In the dispatch Col Sigger said “I have siggered you Sir, and it is damn foul smell too."

This guy has siggered me. I have been siggered again. Roll down the window, you are siggering me. This situation could quickly become siggerous.
by MayMisWil1 February 29, 2008
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trendsetter, a person who doesnt tolerate naivity in regards to music.

someone who relishes in songs with lyrics such as...
"ass n titties"
"hoe dont cry when i nut in your eye"
"trika is the taste"
that guy is an utter siggers

i wish i was as siggers as that guy
by gc2008 March 20, 2008
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