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to exploit and then exacerbate a colleague's alcohol-impairment by leading them on a seemingly impromptu binge of restaurants, taverns, and night clubs. Extreme instances may involve patronage of bordellos, but in all cases alcohol is consumed in near-lethal quantities. It's of popular belief that the motivation of the culprit is the attainment of perverse pleasure at the expense of the victim, the following day; disheveled appearance, disagreeable aroma, severe tardiness/loss of productivity, naseau, difficulty maintaining consciousness, and incontinence. The term was coined after A. Siggers, a mid-nineteenth gambler from London, England who reportedly employed slight of hand to appear as if he was drinking, but did not ever actually imbibe.
to sigger" < L exempli gratia: "I got so siggered last night I traded pants with a homeless person. Wait a minute. Who are you and where did that chicken come from?
by ponyboy70 November 02, 2010

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