It means to make things worse.
"There's hundreds of Zombies outside, and they're really going to exacerbate things."
by Thegreatnick April 13, 2005
To make an existing situation much worse than before
Faux News only helps to exacerbate the electorates intelligence level.
by DMg_Halt September 24, 2017
To make a problem worse than it already is.
Don't exacerbate things!
by Shane June 19, 2004
A word used by self-important twits who could have just said "aggravate".
Self-importance tends to exacerbate the use of a grandiose vocabulary.
by justme2 August 11, 2007
To masturbate furiously, and to the point of utter exhaustion
Last night, I went home, and exacerbated for literally 3 hours...I've never slept better
She's so hot. You don't know how many times I've exacerbated while thinking about her
by jmag123 January 13, 2009
To make worse or to worsen; opposite of helping
Jimmy's attempts to gain recongnition inhigh school only exacerbated his already troublesome identity crisis.
by Mac11 October 8, 2004
The term used to describe the practice of masturbating to exhaustion as a quality form of exercise.
I totally killed my workout yesterday - I had to exacerbate to failure for 5 sets!
by Master Exacerbater October 25, 2012