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A small town in southwestern Michigan known for Kirsch Company (which has since moved), Tom Bodett (the Motel 6 guy), and not much else. It is a huge meth lab area, and is also known as Little Mexico.
Random person: So you live in Sturgis? Whats it like in South Dakota? Do you ever go see Mount Rushmore?
Unfortunate Sturgis Resident: Um, you're thinking of a different Sturgis. I'm from the crappy one in Michigan.
by OrbingPunk February 24, 2008
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The term for a collection or group of motorcycles gathered together in one place. Similar to other words used to indicate groups of things, such as a pod of whales, a flock of geese, a murder of crows, or a congress of baboons.
Looking out the window, I saw a sturgis of motorcycles proceeding down the road.
by HWM September 10, 2018
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The term for the penis on a man who has Big Dick Energy. While you can have BDE and not actually have a huge cock, If you have BDE AND a huge piece, that piece is referred to as a Sturgis.
Did you see McGregor wearing that tight pair of Calvin Klein underwear after the Mayweather fight? That man has a sturgis on him.
by bdemainge August 24, 2018
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