35 definitions by addake

1. an asian nigger. 2. an asian person who tries to act black or like a nigger. 3. any asian human.
this person from china is now an aigger, especially here in the united states of america.
by addake December 02, 2018
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a term for reffering to someone who is like yur brother, but you know is not really your brother.
nice job breddrin; you really handled that well.
by addake August 21, 2019
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a jamaican patwa word for fuck. it has many other meaning though.
bumbaclaat. fuck the hell out of her.
by addake December 02, 2018
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the beginning of a day when the light from the sun starts to become visible due to the rotation of the earth and the position of the earth. it is a result of the emission of light from the sun and the position of a human, where the light pierces the conjunctivae and enters the pupils to stimulate his or her retinas and triggers neuronal inputs that course through my optic nerves, cross at the optic chiasm and then radiate into different lobes of his or her cortex of his or her brain.

it was created to replace the word sunrise, which is misleading and wrong.
1. It is another early morning, and I can see the captiva. 2. The captiva is occuring now. 3. the captiva is captivating.
by addake December 01, 2018
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a christian nigger or catholic nigger who thinks that enslavement of the niggers by the british was not intended and by chance, and may think that sorry is enough, and that praying to god will solve something.
the cigger went to the congo and got shot in the head.
by addake December 02, 2018
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