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She is a goofy person to be around . She laughs at anything and everything . She's very beautiful and you are a lucky person to claim her . A lot of boys get attracted to Trina's and for her is hard to say no . They tend to be very polite and nonjudgmental . Having one of them will make your life complete .
"Trina is such a sweetheart ".
by LxrdLOLA January 12, 2014
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Trina is a beautiful girlwho is very smart and cares for others. She has a nice body and beautiful skin.she rarely ever gets in trouble and is a straight A student. All of her teachers love her because she tries and works hard. She is goofy, funny and outgoing. She is friendly but not too friendly. She is always smiling and has a beautiful smile. She never seems too have a bad day and she loves making other people laugh. Her ass is fat too.
Ex; Trina is such a beautiful girl and she is too smart.

Ex; I wanna be friends with Trina.

Ex; Trina is always smiling and she makes me laugh a lot .
by Funfungirl September 26, 2018
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Ms. Trina aka The Queen of The South aka The Baddest Bitch aka Diamond Princess. The hottest female MC in the game.
"Bitch you ain't got it like me, oh you his wifey? I think ya man likes me. He had in the car wit his hands on my bra, breathin' in my face sayin 'Trina!'"
by Gangsta_Bitch December 07, 2006
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A .380 cal handgun. Kind of like "nina" is a nine mm, trina is the .380.
"The nina was too big to fit in my pocket comfortably, so I take her little sister trina, (the pocket rocket) with me."
by Doug B 615 June 27, 2013
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