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a cheapskate; or one who thinks they are better everyone else
Give me my money back, you bersani!
by AL December 27, 2003
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The GEU is actually the Gerbal Energy Unit found in most computers dating back to the early 90's. You can check to see if this is working by picking up your modem and rattling it. If you hear squeals, it's working. If'n you hear clanking bones, time to clean out the filter...
Wow, you're computer's movin' slow. Yo, it's time you checked your GEU, holmes.
by AL February 15, 2005
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Originally from the term Spiderman because of the clothes they wore. ie. fashion sense of spiderman.
Usually come accompanied with sovereigns, moustaches, short hair, baseball caps, shell suits and hang around in groups of a hundred + lookin for a diggin`.
(also linked to most forms of trance and hardcore)
Look at the state of those wee spidey fuckers.
by AL July 6, 2003
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1. You're screwed because your significant other has been fucking the plumber for the past 12 months.

2 You're screwed because your boss is going to bitch at you for doing your job, or, as he sees it, not doing enough to "further company productivity", probably by giving him head.
1. We need to talk Al. You're just not as good in bed as your brother, who, incedentally, I started screwing two days after we met.

2. We need to talk Al. You haven't been working 10 hours overtime a week for no pay, filing in your copious spare time, or doing anything else so insanely outside of your job description or beneath your skill -level that I can be happy with you.
by AL October 14, 2003
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And then God looked upon Jesus and said "Son, if thoust not cross upon this river great, ye be judged eternaly"
And so Jesus, after taking a running start, charged at the river in an atempt to walk across. And so Jesus died that day, and his body was never recovered. But God got over it when he met Mosses. Mosses merely split the river and walked across the dry bottom...
God addopted Mosses as his son and from then on his name was Jewsus.
Beum That Jewsus is wicked awesome!
Also brought about Christmakah
by AL January 22, 2004
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1. Derogatory term to refer to those of Middle-Eastern (or Indian, but I suspect only because most people would use "Towel Head" in everyday conversation couldn't tell the difference between the two to save their lives) origin, based on the religious custom of wearing a turban.

2. A missed oppurtunity to use the term "Dune Coon", which at least always makes me laugh.
1. That hick just called Rashid a Towel Head.

2. I knew Cletus was more retarded than the other hicks when he called Rashid a Towel Head, instead of a Dune Coon.
by AL October 12, 2003
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Used to indicate what does NOT belong to you
by AL December 23, 2003
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