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1. A blatant truism, based on the fact that nobody is exactly identical to anyone else.

2. A PC saying designed to push a liberal social agenda which normalizes and accepts non-normative behaviors as part of a whole, functional, society.
1. Sally and Ralph are not the same person. This is because people are unique, ie, everybone is different.

2. Bill is a high-functioning alcoholic homosexual with neo-Nazi political views and a penchant for exposing himself in public. Ah well, everyone is different.
by AL November 14, 2003
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Something soccer moms often say before, after, or in between swearing, as if to convince someone that they are speaking to that they have picked up a foreign language, and are not just using words like fuck, shit, ass, bitch, or possibly Barbara Steisand.
Excuse my french, but little jason is just the most retarded fucking little bastard on the block. Too bad his fucking whore of a mother didn't use a condom.
by AL October 14, 2003
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The rectum; bottom portion of your ass, aka the asshole. Bastardization of 'anus'.
My anoose is having a very difficult time excreting the shit out of my colon.
by AL August 13, 2003
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1. State of complete intoxication (ie, hammered, floored, wasted, smashed, destroyed, etc...).

2. When the total cost of repairs to a vehicle excedes the total appraissed value of the vehicle.

3. On a driving penalty scale, one up from DWI 3rd offense, one down from attempted automotive manslaughter (except in states where the above are equivalent).
1. I got so totaled I passed out on the bar last night.

2. My insurance provider told me to start looking for a new car when I totaled mine.

3. Al: I was drinking and driving last night, and something bad happened.
Al: Nah, I totaled my car.
by AL October 14, 2003
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1. Set to the musical composition of.

2. Used to mean "approximately", or "in the general range of", but usually only when talking about large sums of money.
1. When I heard Weird Al Yankovich's lyrics to the tune of "Beat It", I decided that maybe MTV really was a worthless tool of Satan.

2. Right: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $5,000 for a new one.

Wrong: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $0.05 for a new one.

Notice that the order of magnitude of the cash amount affects the usage of the phrase.
by AL December 2, 2003
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1. Derogatory term to refer to those of Middle-Eastern (or Indian, but I suspect only because most people would use "Towel Head" in everyday conversation couldn't tell the difference between the two to save their lives) origin, based on the religious custom of wearing a turban.

2. A missed oppurtunity to use the term "Dune Coon", which at least always makes me laugh.
1. That hick just called Rashid a Towel Head.

2. I knew Cletus was more retarded than the other hicks when he called Rashid a Towel Head, instead of a Dune Coon.
by AL October 12, 2003
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n., a sexual path where third base is skipped and a party partakes in intercourse before giving oral sex; derrived from the fact that giving head can be unappealing to some newly sexually active people and that they would rather go straight home
"i don't want to suck dick. i'd rather just play triangle baseball."
by AL November 10, 2004
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