The most embarassing part of high school gym classes. In these rooms, kids strip in public in order to change for class.

Be prepared for kids who don't know how to use towels, as you may be getting an eyeful of your friends' dicks in these rooms. Also try to preserve your own modesty and avoid getting a boner at all costs!

Shower rooms usually contain large open areas with benches to sit on, a few urinals and of course, showers. OPEN showers with the heads way too close together, so you have to stand as close to your nude classmates as possible while getting soaped up.
Kyle stopped in front of the one free urinal and let his dick out of the opening in his boxer briefs. He let out a stream of piss as he turned his eyes to the guys next to him. The guy to his left was wearing a muscle shirt and shorts, and had his waistband stretched downward to let his member free. The kid to his right was also in just his boxers and from the little Kyle could make out, had a pretty big package.

As his stream finished up, Kyle shook his member a little bit and put it back away. He started to walk back to the bench when he tripped on a nearby bag and slid toward the shower room. He smacked his head into the wall and felt himself become soaked by the closest showerhead.

The kids showering angrily turned toward him and grabbed him by the shoulders. He yelled about how Kyle was invading his privacy and must have been a homo, and Kyle tried to pull away. He felt his stomach urn as he realized the warmth of the water had gotten him hard, and his cock pressed against the front of his boxer briefs.

Some nearby kids grabbed him behind and pushed him toward the exit, laughing and calling him a fag as they tossed him out of the locker room, into the gym. He blushed furiously as the girls all turned to see him in his soaked boxer briefs, trying to hide an obvious boner.

Then he lost all feeling when he felt two hand grab his waistband from behind and drag his only piece of clothing to his feet. He could feel a breeze blow past his cock.
by Hornyguy2 November 11, 2009
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When one is stranded in the bathroom without an toilet paper and must rely on others for help or waddle over to get some toilet paper somewhere else.
Bob: Dude, thanks, I was totally stranded in the shower room!

Randy: You know I always help my homies out!
by green_hoodies June 8, 2013
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A Cadet shower-room boner is the raging hard-on a cadet gets when he hasn't taken care of his morning wood.
I had a Cadet shower-room boner this morning, but -- no worries -- another hot cadet sucked my dick!
by USAF Cadet October 27, 2020
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The type of shower room where there are kids looking strait at your dick and you swear there gonna rape you.
Mike:WTF? it's like a penn state shower room in here.
by jkyuauimg November 24, 2011
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