Modesty is the art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.
His modesty is always on show
- "Coolness, ah yes, erm, well i think i had some, a while ago."
by Frogger Jones October 2, 2006
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protecting others eyes from seeing the shape and contours of your nipples
In a bra catalog ad: "Sleek foam padding contours your curves...also protects your modesty."
by Kalina May 5, 2008
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A fine line between humility and low-self esteem which I chose not to walk.
For the sake of preserving my own modesty, I shall refrain from providing an example.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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The act of lying about your feats and traits in an attempt to fool others into thinking you are capable of more.
I see through your modesty, you lousy piece of shit.
by rippykins March 3, 2011
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She's outrageous crazy and is confident and takes self-expression to heart with her weird style and crazy hair she doesn't let others get to her and she's can make anyone smile with just being her self you are lucky to have a modesty because they can love every one and always stay positive but she (might not be that modest)
Stacy: Look at her, her hair is the coolest color

Rebecca : I know she must be a modesty
by StacyBertram ;) December 3, 2019
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1. (Females) The act of dressing in a non-slutty way. It ranges from not wearing tube tops and super-short shorts to wearing long skirts and sleeves below the elbows.

2. (Males) Not wearing saggy pants,

as far as I know.

3. Not making a big deal out of achievements/abilities, either in an attempt to gain more attention, or because you don't like to brag.
1. Protect your modesty! Don't dress for a beach party at school!

2. Did you guys with "swag" ever hear the word modesty?

3. Bob: Billy, you're always so full of modesty.

Billy: Aw, not really...
by hailolca September 25, 2013
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A heartless bitch that doesn't know a good guy when she sees one. She takes advantage and doesn't appreciate anything she get. A modesty is a liar, and selfish. Her room smelt like pussy and probably still does. Get some fucking TIDE you stanky ass bitch. For 5 cents a day you can help this tan pimple face get some fucking clearisl. She put so much fucken makeup she looks like a drag queen, no offense.
She's an ass, it must be a Modesty
by Babo_Lion April 1, 2018
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