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Modesty is the art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.
His modesty is always on show
- "Coolness, ah yes, erm, well i think i had some, a while ago."
by Frogger Jones October 02, 2006
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1. (Females) The act of dressing in a non-slutty way. It ranges from not wearing tube tops and super-short shorts to wearing long skirts and sleeves below the elbows.

2. (Males) Not wearing saggy pants,

as far as I know.

3. Not making a big deal out of achievements/abilities, either in an attempt to gain more attention, or because you don't like to brag.
1. Protect your modesty! Don't dress for a beach party at school!

2. Did you guys with "swag" ever hear the word modesty?

3. Bob: Billy, you're always so full of modesty.

Billy: Aw, not really...
by hailolca September 24, 2013
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protecting others eyes from seeing the shape and contours of your nipples
In a bra catalog ad: "Sleek foam padding contours your curves...also protects your modesty."
by Kalina May 04, 2008
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A fine line between humility and low-self esteem which I chose not to walk.
For the sake of preserving my own modesty, I shall refrain from providing an example.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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The act of lying about your feats and traits in an attempt to fool others into thinking you are capable of more.
I see through your modesty, you lousy piece of shit.
by rippykins March 02, 2011
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A heartless bitch that doesn't know a good guy when she sees one. She takes advantage and doesn't appreciate anything she get. A modesty is a liar, and selfish. Her room smelt like pussy and probably still does. Get some fucking TIDE you stanky ass bitch. For 5 cents a day you can help this tan pimple face get some fucking clearisl. She put so much fucken makeup she looks like a drag queen, no offense.
She's an ass, it must be a Modesty
by Babo_Lion May 19, 2018
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