When you’ve already typed in “Urban” and “Urban Urban” and are seeing how far it goes
“It includedUrban Urban”, I wonder if it has “Urban Urban Urban”, let’s see”
by Emachine420 February 09, 2021
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When your in class and get bored of searching up urban on the urban dictionary so you do the only logical thing you can do... search it up twice.
Me: there’s nothing good on the urban dictionary anymore.
Friend: have you tried looking up urban?
Me yeah I’ve done that many times.
Friend: what about urban urban.
Me: your a genius!
by Votednewt August 17, 2020
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This is a term used when you're checking how much the "urban" string goes but someone called you down for lunch and you came back and forgot about checking. Then you remember it sometime when you're staring into your phone at night.
by DarkWolf2244 May 19, 2021
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I wonder how urban dictionary is defined in the urban dictionary. hmmm. "urban....clicks enter"
by fghjkm April 22, 2017
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It's this web sites name but with a twist, so this has to something with it's funny as shit terms of service

so kiddos don't do drugs, they're bad
by Makeacreativenameyoudipshit November 10, 2020
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