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Town in the middle of nowhere with four black people, no stoplights, and one gas station where everyone gets their chew. If you drink, you go to mountain road extension. If you go to school (even if its once a week), it's the tight halls of BSHS. And if you fuck up, everyone knows about it. LET'S GO BUBBLERS.
Let's go to Boiling Springs so we can do nothing.
by bonerjamzzzz January 31, 2011
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A small college town in North Carolina, close to Gaffney, SC and Shelby, NC. I've read the definitions on here and they were all super negative. Yes, it is a one-stoplight town, but you can walk everywhere, there's no traffc, and the environment is positively beautiful. It's the home to Gardner-Webb University, a small Christian college. While there aren't any movie theatres or shopping malls in the town itself, it's a very short drive to the outlet mall in Gaffney and there are movie theatres that take less than 20 minutes to get to. I think it's a wonderful place.
I have been going to visit family in Boiling Springs almost every summer since I was 5 years old, and I think it's a beautiful and relaxing escape from my busy hometown.
by BoilingSprings July 07, 2009
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A town that sounds like it has a lot to offer when its name is spoken, but the people who live there know better. This one stoplight town is mainly comprised of students from Gardner-Webb University. They have to drive 20 minutes down the road just to buy a damn beer. Go Runnin' Bulldogs!
There is absolutely nothing to do in Boiling Springs. Lets drive to Charlotte.
by yohon February 10, 2005
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A shitty little town in Upstate South Carolina. Not to be confused with the Boiling Springs in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The South Carolina town is home to the states oldest operating school(It fucking sucks). Shitty ass high school football team, they lose alot, but get all the funding. Their golf team and marching band are kick ass and win alot. There's nothing to do in this little town, and lots of inbreds claim this po dunk town home.
I can't wait to leave this fucking disgrace of a town, Boiling Springs!
Hey, did you see the Boiling Springs Football Game last night? Yeah, they fucking lost again.
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