(Shotgunning) Shotgunning a beer is the simple act of consuming a beer at a high rate of speed.
Shotgunnin a beer is easy when following these steps:

1) Hold a beer can in a horizontal position with the bottom tilted up just a bit. Poke a hole on the side near the bottom where you would see an air bubble if the can were clear. Poke this hole with a screwdriver, knife or a Shotgun Key.

2) Place your mouth over the hole while lifting it to an upright position.

3) After you have reached an upright position, pull the tab at the top of the can and consume the beer as fast as possible.

Shotgunning a beer is easy when you follow these directions!
by Gunnar Jones November 8, 2007
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is when you put from one mouth to another either by putting your mouths together or forming a 'barrel' with your hands
Gary was shotgunning me because there was nothing but resin in the bowl
by squishiestlu May 8, 2006
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A sexual act that involves a man cumming into another partner's mouth who has a gauged labret piercing. The partner with the piercing then yells "shotgun" and ejects the fluid at the man through the labret.

May also evolve into snowballing.
Shotgunning: Rich orgasms into Jackie's mouth, at which time Jackie jumps up, yells 'shotgun!', and ejects the cum into Rich's face.
by Rich and Jackie September 25, 2007
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(named after the beer drinking style) a sexual act where a female rides her partner cowgirl style (representing a can getting poked) than right before she gets off she crawls over the mans head and cums in his mouth and he swallows the cum (representing drinking the beverage)
Leslie was riding John in a cowgirl fashion when she was close to her orgasm she crawled up to john's head and had an orgasm in his mouth (this is called Shotgunning)
by Gibsonwizard13 November 20, 2013
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The act of sticking one finger in a girls mouth like a hook and then proceeding to eat her N2A, aka Nose to Ass.
Thursday night was nookie night in my household, and I could tell it was my turn to return the favor. I grabbed my wife by the mouth and began shotgunning her like a champ.
by thelawnwrangler May 31, 2007
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To blow smoke into someone's mouth while they inhale it. Almost like kissing, but not quite.
I know you want to shotgun with that hot girl over there.
by dontyouwish77 October 9, 2015
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When used in the context of seating in cars, "shotgun" means the passenger seat, so called because in police cars, the unit's mandatory shotgun used to be holstered in the passenger seat.
I'll drive, you ride shotgun. The girls will sit in the back.
by KayCeeBee February 5, 2008
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