Jackie is the name of a girl that upon first glance instantly melts your heart. She is undeniably beautiful in every way, however, she likely wont admit it but she knows it hehe. Jackie is the type of girl that any man would be lucky to have to call their own. She deserves the world because she is perfection and undoubtably gorgeous. Someone named Jackie is a real keeper, she is the type of girl that will change who you are for the better, she will bring a light into your life that you previously did not know existed. If you are lucky enough to find Jakie don't wait, pursue her with everything you have I promise you will be beyond happy you did. Not to mention that Jackie makes the best girlfriend, she is loyal, loving, kind, and overall just simply leaves you speechless. Her beauty is breath taking, her eyes shine brighter than the stars above. To reiterate if you luckily luck out and somehow manage to make Jackie yours treat her like a queen, because she deserves everything. Jackie will complete you, she will love you, and lastly it is utterly impossible to not fall head over heels in love with Jackie she is everything that any man would ever need. She is perfection.

Again if you are lucky enough to make Jackie yours, I can promise you that when you look into her beautiful brown eyes you will forget everything, your heart will melt, and you will be left just saying wow wow wow.
Would you look at that girl, shes the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Oh she must be a Jackie
by Defo not spencer November 12, 2020
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An individual who is kind, genuine, beautiful, and smart. She loves to dance, have fun, and laugh. She loves to help people, especially when they don't know it's her. She is misunderstood by those she loves most, but loves them anyway. She is a unique and special person.
Jackie walks into a room and dazzles those around her. She is amazing.
by resilient May 28, 2015
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Jackie is a girl that is very sensitive and can be shy. She lets things and people get the best of her. She thinks she is a worthless mistake in every way, but she just isn’t understood. She hides her real feelings deep down and bottles them up hoping no one will find them. She avoids people because she’s afraid they’ll judge her or dislike her. She is strong, smart, and athletic. She loves listening to music. When she is feeling down she listens to music and has her own hobbies. She is loyal and trustworthy. She is insecure but is so beautiful on the inside and out.
by CrushedAngel July 2, 2019
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She is VERY personable, intellectual, extremely funny (mostly a dry, sarcastic humor. You'll often find she will be able to crush anyone at a roast battle) who loves to read, write, and listen to music. She enjoys the company of her friends above all else. You will often find her sitting under an old tree listening to music while she draws or paints. She has deep dark brown eyes and long wavy brown hair. She has had only four friends her whole life and has never really liked a boy. She has a low self-esteem which makes her crave the approval of those closest to her. She thinks she is ugly and worthless in every way, when in reality, she is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen but even when those close to her try to tell her, she brushes them off. She bottles her emotions up and never lets anyone know what she is feeling. She is often seen as emotionless and non-caring, however she can be very sensitive at times when necessary. Above all, she is the most loyal, honest, and trustworthy friend/companion you will ever find.

Plus, she can totally kick your ass.

She is Beauty,

She is Grace,

She will punch you in the face.

She is a Jackie.
Jackie is an amazing friend and anyone would be lucky to know her.
by Jacquina__16 October 10, 2017
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Jacky is an incredibly sweet guy. No matter what you do, he always seems to say the most perfect thing at the perfect moment. He's very smart, funny, athletic, and his smile is infectious. Extremely loyal, he will make a true effort to talk to you and understand you. Around his friends, he is a bit different and not as talkative, but when you're alone with him, it's not awkward at all.
Jacky's so sweet, I'm glad he's in my life.
by 'onlyoneoption' January 27, 2019
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most gorgeous, beautiful girl you will meet. she has beautiful big eyes and a smile that no one can resist. she likes to party and hang out with friends and will talk to almost anyone even if she hates them. she seems shy at first but start a conversation with her and she will be fun to talk to. nice hair, body, personality, and just all around an amazing girl. she loves animals too. One of the most chill girls you will meet
"damn I like that jacki but I don't know if she'd like me"
"don't worry man just talk to her on Facebook later tonight and be nice to her"
"ok I'll try"
.. Later that night..
"man jacki your a nice girl wanna chill tomorrow"
by BestNameDefinitions420 March 29, 2013
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A girl (obviously..) who not only takes your breath away at the sight of her but will leave you thinking she is the most amazingly good looking girl of them all.

Her eyes will stand out as the biggest attribute, and while gazing into them is the most perfect thing to do, she is the blue sky, the rays of light through your curtains and everything. When you get to know her personally, you will realize that perfection does exist in a person.
I think you are cute too, Jackie
by Willxcoco February 20, 2017
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