1. The most common way to get AIDS/HIV. This is generally referred to as a booty call and involves Pitbull the rapper.

2. Shooting a ton of stupid no brain idiots in one night (generally used as zombies)
"I @#$@ Beyonce last night"
"Isn't that a one night stand?"
by Astupidwhiteboy September 25, 2017
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Hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached and hoping to never see them again. It is important not to exchange any personal info with them so they can't track you down and stalk you later.
I had a one night stand with this guy I picked up at the club.
by hidollarho February 25, 2004
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An event that happens when you drink too much or you're so terribly desprate for sex, you have a fun night with a stranger only to wake up and know that you have a 50% chance you contracted chlamydia and/or how disappointed God is of you. But it doesn't matter because you'll do it again anyway.
A one night stand is like Russian roulette, you either get a high chance of great sexy times or you fucking shoot yourself in the head. Might as well just fuck your bestfriend.
by an anonymous girl_ZaX November 12, 2017
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The act of having intercourse with a person but having no further relations to them after that.
"Nah man, it was only a one night stand, she was sexy though."
by acrobativity June 2, 2017
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Sexual activity with another person intended for one night only. (Derives from showbiz, a "one-off show". But also of course from the suggestion of a one-off erection, though the term is used by women as well as men as a candid description of "getting your rocks off" when a bit of no-strings fucking etc. was desired.
“I've never had a one-night stand because I've always been afraid that in the cold light of day, she'll wake up and think; "Oh my God! What the hell am I doing in bed with a stupid cunt like this?!”
by kofi May 14, 2003
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