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couth is what the uncouth certainly dont have. couth saves you from ugly table manners, being filthy, and crude language (usually "potty talk").
john, have COUTH!
nina, have COUTH!
by Grace April 7, 2005
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Beautiful women who work at Deloitte (see Deloitte). Shortened version of the phrase "hot mama". Must be used very selectively.
Check out Sheila and Grace, those Deloitte ha-ma's.
by Grace April 1, 2005
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A sarcastic exclamation implying that someone else's trials are trivial.
"I can't open this jar of avacados!" whined Chris.
"Oh, der!" Grace brutally replied.
by Grace February 9, 2005
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noun:A slang insult. "You're such a dookie!" noun: A mistake. "Oops, I made a little dookie." verb: Replaces the phrase "excuse me" after one passes gas. "**Ppppphhhhhtt** Dookie!"
"You're such a dookie!" "Oops, I made a little dookie." "**Ppppphhhhhtt** Dookie!"
by Grace March 5, 2004
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adj. (Australia & Marsh Chapel)(2003)
slang. a: cool: EXCELLENT b: a positive epithet or interjection
"That is way fibre"
"This is so fibre!"
by Grace September 30, 2003
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Flacho is derived from the word macho . It is indicative of macho-ism in a female, especially of the lesbian variety. Therefore the F(emale) and L(esbian) replace the M in macho, and therefore proceed to produce flacho.
guy 1: dude that girl is so flacho!
guy 2: yea..i kind of admire her muscle shirt.
by Grace April 23, 2005
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