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very voluptuous woman, NOT like halley berry or jessica alba.
thick and tough like beyonce or j'lo
oooh damn have you ever seen a brick house like that kick a guy's ass at a big n' tall fasion show!
by grace September 07, 2004

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The devil himself.
Keaton once said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him."

Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Söze
by Grace April 19, 2004

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A person with red hair, pasty skin and freckles.
Ron from Harry Potter (Rupert Grint)
by Grace January 13, 2004

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A term referring to a woman who is manly in character but not necessarily appearance. A woman who steps out of the domestic role and sometimes oversteps her boundaries as a woman. She never takes shit from a man and always holds her own. She keeps a man from walking all over her and she never, EVER, downplays her importance in order to charm a man.
Hilary Clinton is a real virago
by grace November 25, 2004

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prestigious mall located in a prestigious area of New Jersey. Known for its expensive stores (New Jersey's answer to Rodeo Drive). Known for its snobbery to people dressed down but salespeople of late have realized that its teenagers in sweatpants who spend the most money on Daddy's credit cards.
Damnit, my Gucci bag broke- I'll pick up a new Louis Vuitton at Short Hills.
by Grace February 10, 2005

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A Caucasian female with blonde,brown,red,or black hair. Mostly blonde. Occosianly slutty, with perfect body. Goes with Ken dolls.

Little girls (or boys) play with Barbies.
Girl 1: "Hey! Look at my new Baseball Barbie!"
Girl 2: "My Prom Barbie is WAAAY better then yours!"
Mom: "Now, now! Play nice!"
by Grace April 03, 2005

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adj. meaning extremely cool, awesome, or fly
That concert was sooo boss
by Grace December 23, 2004

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