Catchword from 2003 used originally to describe a part of the Baghdad bombing campaign by the US. May or may not have actually happened. A prime example of irrational excitement over something taken out of context.
I've been watching the US Iraq bombings waiting to see this shock and awe thing everyone has been talking about.
by phasesout October 19, 2005
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after consuming enough marijuana to reach the ultimate high and one of your buddies says something extremly funny to the point your laughing so hard your stomach hurts "shock" and after recovering from the laugh you admire how awesome that joke or saying really was "awe"
Dude my buddy clarence shock and awed the hell out of us!
by Agentsmith985749 June 8, 2010
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A modified version of "The Shocker". This is when you insert four fingers in the "Quivering Whisker Biscuit" and penetrate the "Brown Eye" with your gyrating thumb.
I Shock and Awed the hell outa Frankie's slutty ass mom last night.
by Matayo and Dae Dae May 13, 2003
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Performing a malicious and repeated fecal attack on your toilet from your anus above... Usually followed by a foul stench of death and putrid filth.
"hang on man.. let me shit now before we go to the movies... I dont think their toilets can handle my shock and awe."
by JadeHawk June 8, 2004
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You have to wait until your laying in bed with someone and they are sleeping. First rub your feet together under the covers to create more heat. When done bare ass blast a monstrous fart on their back(the shock)and then finish them off with the awe of the smell by pulling the covers over their head and trapping them under while probably laughing your ass off. Its best done when you know that your dropping some nasty ones
I gave my girl a Shock and Awe last night when she was sleeping. That will teach her for annoying me when im watching football.
by Novvakane February 2, 2008
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When your AP US teacher gives back your tests and you're in shock because the grade you got is dramatically different from what you thought you got and then you're in awe from what grade you actually received.
Silvio: "I definitely got a 100% on that, hahaha *Looks at test grade* haha.."
Gary L: "What happened?"
Silvio: "Shock and Awe."
by DopeyDumbDumb October 1, 2017
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1) Among the most versatile of multi-purpose expressions, “shock and awe” can be used to portray any response desired; 2) A general response whose tone determines the manner of which it is used; 3) An expression used to convey your reaction or attitude towards or for a statement.
"George...did you know that Talisa bought a new car?"
"She did?"
"Shock and awe!"

"Oh my God...did you see that?!?"
by Avenger.In.Pink November 9, 2005
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