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The most overrated movie in the fucking world. As of now, it came out about eight months ago, but everyone is still going apeshit over it.
Frozen is more fuckin' retarded than an orgy on a short bus.
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The most overrated movie EVER! Even fucking kidz bop is singing their songs. FUCKING KIDZ BOP!
Frozen gave me a headache after the first song.
by Paul Barkley September 06, 2014
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An overrated movie where kids go apeshit over most of the characters and everyone loves olaf and don't really give a shit about anna, but do a give a gigantic shit about elsa and this motherfucking song called Let It Go
"Do you masturbate to Hans from frozen, because you're fucking obsessed over him."

"Um... well... fuck you!"
by mknkn May 21, 2015
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The best freaking movie in the whole world you dipstick.
Friend: did you go see Frozen?
Other friend: no not yet.
Friend: oh okay we're not friends.
by Jennifer Lawrence. January 11, 2014
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syrupy juice frozen in a plastic cup is called "a frozen". It's usually used in the South East USA. In most communities someone will sell frozens out of their houses to the neighborhood children for a quarter or so and they're called "the frozen lady" or "the frozen man".
"dang its hot outside, let me run down to the frozen lady's house to get a frozen".
by Jnia September 10, 2006
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bingoes in scrabble that need to be double checked for its validity.
X:omg, my opponent just put a bingo that worths 139 marks!!
Y:you idiot, have you checked whether its a frozens?
by illhul March 28, 2007
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