The most overrated movie in the fucking world. As of now, it came out about eight months ago, but everyone is still going apeshit over it.
Frozen is more fuckin' retarded than an orgy on a short bus.
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The best freaking movie in the whole world you dipstick.
Friend: did you go see Frozen?
Other friend: no not yet.
Friend: oh okay we're not friends.
by Jennifer Lawrence. January 11, 2014
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Someone wearing lots of diamonds (ice) would be frozen
Jacob the Jeweler keeps my arms so frozen
by konichiwakitty July 29, 2003
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The most overrated movie EVER! Even fucking kidz bop is singing their songs. FUCKING KIDZ BOP!
Frozen gave me a headache after the first song.
by Paul Barkley September 6, 2014
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To little kids its just "Let it go let it go" but to us parents and older kids its like hell whoever made that movie may just get rotten tomatoes ok but good movie just hate that song
"Let it go let it go"

You been singing that for 30min you are so annoying"
"Mom Tracy has been watching Frozen again"
by IMTAKEN2201("/) November 29, 2017
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A stupid movie that came out almost exactly 2 years ago, yet its still a big thing. You can see frozen posters, erasers, cupcakes, pencil cases, you name it. Its there
by Leafy is beefy November 26, 2015
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A very terrible movie.
Frozen is terrible!
by 25IMF January 1, 2020
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