When you transition to the next highest educational institution (elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college) and you need to adjust to your teachers expecting more from you and more work and you're shocked by your grades because they're terrible/not what you expected. Normally "awe shit" follows the shock, thus the "shock and awe"
Aja: Yes! I got straight A's! What'd you get Marcus?
Marcus: *stares at grades, mouth wide open* awe shit
Aja: What's wrong?
Marcus: I got 3 F's! How did this happen!? I did good last year!
Aja: Sounds like you got the freshman shock and awe my friend
by Selenaaaass November 16, 2012
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a really really big stereo system mostly made up of vintage components, it has to have at least 20 receivers and 40 speakers, its only purpose is to shock whoever sees it and freaks out or really thinks its cool
did you see that guys stereo rig? its a shock and awe system!
by Audi66 March 1, 2011
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(n) When you get back at someone you hate, by trashing their bathroom, by voiding your bowels all over the place, and leaving a horrific mess for the next person.
I got back at Chris last night. I hit him with a Bathroom Shock and Awe.
by Funmunke March 30, 2017
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A slickly composed mass mailing method used in state and local elections assailing a grassroots candidate with hyperbolic lies funded by corporate “dark money.”
I can’t wait for the shock and awe electoral bombing to begin right before the next election!
by Dr Bunnygirl November 24, 2019
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Pointer finger and middle finger up. Pointer and middle connected at sides. Ring finger down. Pinky up.

-One in the pink, Two in the stink-
I gave my girlfriend the shock and awe treatment and she just absolutely loved it.
by SuperJeremy November 28, 2004
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To cum in a girls eyes then slap her in the face
Hey, i shock 'n awed my girl last night

by lolotronic May 1, 2009
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