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The State of relief and euphoia just after unleshing a giant crap(or perfoming "Shock and Awe") from your body... usually accompanied by a long sigh of relaxation as your sphincter retacts to its normal state. Much like the state of relaxation after an orgasm... kinda...
"I shitgasmed twice already this morning... its gonna be a good day!"
by JadeHawk June 08, 2004
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V. - Act of Drinking alcohol before you go out to the club to maximize your fun at the club while spending the least amount on extremely overpriced alcoholic beverages... cause a beer at home is like 60 cents... a beer at your favorite night club is like 6 bucks... (dont drink and drive)
"Hey Fred, predrinking starts around 6 at my house... be there!"
by JadeHawk June 10, 2004
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Having anal sex with a woman while trying to shove your whole dick AND sack/balls in at the same time... called washing the dog cuase it is nearly impossible to do...
"I tried to wash the dog... but I just ended up getting everything else wet."
by JadeHawk June 11, 2004
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Performing a malicious and repeated fecal attack on your toilet from your anus above... Usually followed by a foul stench of death and putrid filth.
"hang on man.. let me shit now before we go to the movies... I dont think their toilets can handle my shock and awe."
by JadeHawk June 08, 2004
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