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Portmanteau of "shit", "is/was", and "lit".
Person A: Ay bruh, how's the club?

Person B: Shlit as hell, come through fam.
by Swiftsound November 19, 2016
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A Slut who likes ass sex.

This word is a combonation between Slut and Shit Bag. (I made the word up and my cool friend made up the definition and my other two cool friends...they make my life. I LOVE MY FRIENDS)
Shlits stand on street corners and like to have ass sex.
by Shmieg February 02, 2007
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A most extreme case of "the Shits."
To be shitting uncontrolably.
-My belly hurts, I think I have the Shlits!
-I'm not eating that, that stuff gives me the Shlits!
by Chad December 11, 2004
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when Playboi carti shlits on a bad bih sucking on a dih, it could also be defined as getting lit in a moshpiit.
if ima bitch then i’m the baddest bitch cash shlit cart bih**+
by The laddest πŸ•ΊπŸ½ February 04, 2019
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shlit -noun
Compound word formed from the words "shit" and "literature." Also known as "shit lit."
Any form of literature such as books, periodicals, newsprint, that is either temporarily brought to, or stored in a bathroom (typically kept in the immediate vicinity of the toilet), for the express purpose of passing occasionally protracted periods of time common to bathroom visits, providing means of mental distraction through its reading.

Though the word was not mentioned explicitly, shlit was brought to public attention in 1998, by the then popular television series "Seinfeld," in episode 173 titled "The Bookstore." The shlit in question had been "flagged" as having been in the bathroom and could not be returned to the bookstore from where it was purchased.
"Hey honey! I'm going to be in here for a while! Could you bring me in some shlit? I think my issue of Wired is sitting on the kitchen table!"
by paul?! September 13, 2008
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A state of perfect intoxication, that comes around ounce every 12 moons. When you get so belligerently drunk, that you have the night of your life, constantly need 1-3 people accompanying you when you want to move, yet never feel like vomiting. This word is derived from two other English words: Shitfaced , and Lit , combining the words, and their definitions.
You on your birthday: "Man, I got so Shlit last night; the boys surprised me with a kegger on top of the towns water tower. I met Neil Patrick Harris, drank an entire keg, fell off the water tower, and then I woke up with the triplets from my Psych class"

Your bro: "Yep, that's pretty Shlit".
by Cow-Town July 23, 2016
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