1)Funky or spicy
2)Slightly eerie or disturbing

etymology: a corruption of 'wrong'
Guy1: Psycobilly is so worng!
Guy2: Fsck yeah Tiger Army ftw
by Urza June 11, 2006
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typing a word incorrectly while chatting on the internet because of the fast-paced flow of the conversation.
Jordy: hey i'm eating an oatmael raistin cokie.
Ally: haha there were so many worngs in there.
Ally: did you hear about those floating tarsh deposits in the pacific ocean?
Jordy: ummm you spelled trash worngly.
Jordy: hey alyl
Jordy: oh sorry i wornged
by Jordally January 13, 2010
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An acceptable form of the word wrong, but only if said within 5-10 minutes of waking up.
Stace, Zou is never worng
What do you mean it's the worng hole, it fits just fine.
by Zou13 February 01, 2020
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