1. A pile of shit.

2. Connoting a large amount of something. Basically serves the same function as a noun that big ass serves as an adjective.
1. My dog made a little shitpile and commenced bowing before it and howling.

2. Tammy Fay Bakker is probably best known for wearing a shitpile of makeup.
by brephophagist January 27, 2007
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It's like "Based" but it's different because its Redpilled.
"Bro, the Holocaust didn't happen, are you, like, not a fascist?" "No, I'm a fascist." "Based." "Don't say Based, that's an overused term made by 'cringeoides'" "Whatever, dude." "Just say it's 'Pooped and Shitpilled'." "What?"
by SwimmVastDieFast July 28, 2020
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Fascist version of red pilled. It is meant to supplement the term "based" or "red pilled" due to its overuse in conversation between third position political party members.
P1: "Yeah, autarky is pretty based."
P2: "Hey, cringeoid, you've said 'based' far too many times in this conversation."
P1:"My bad. That's pretty pooped and shitpilled."
by MussoNothingWrongo August 13, 2020
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1) You have such a huge pile of shit to do you can't figure out what to tackle first.

2) One of those moments where you have so much to do, but can't focus on one thing so you end up just doing nothing or surfing the internet.
I might not be able to complete that report on-time because of my shitpile paralysis, but I have updated my facebook status seven times.
by Kacinitis July 17, 2012
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The part of a bank's or other lending institution's portfolio that is tied up in risky mortgages. Since many of these institutions are heavily into these loans, they become the 'big shitpile'.
The Big Shitpile Investment Banks are doing their damnedest to hide the full scale of their losses, by writing down only a little at a time.
by Cowmix November 15, 2007
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A rare form of a plop of dogshit. Usually found discarded by the beast after it inadvertantly consumes too much spicy double pork with cabbage and peppers which was left out by its human counterpart after a night of binge drinking and hello kitty themed hooker banging. The incommodious K-9 then empties its irritated insides all over the apartment as follows. The anxious animal will squint its eyes in anguish as it desperatly attempts to expell last nights mistake, but the great, hot pain contorts Fido's dirty furrow in such a way that when he actually squeezes one past, he will rise and reveal a tiny tower of shit that stands up proud under its own strength. This spectacle is repeated throughout the day creating a vista resembleing a beautiful skyline that would rival that of downtown Shanghai. Also, some of the time out of spite towards the tasty but dangerous dish, the anal architect will again search out the left-overs, and shit on a bed of rice creating an even more majestic pseudo-city, what with the contrast in color, and the uncertainty of the foundation. The shit tower can be likened to a pearl, whereas out of one's pain and discomfort comes another's treasure.
Billy: "Dude, let's go to Dave's party tonight".

Peter: "I don't know man, last time we woke up the next morning and I needed a map to get out of that mess of 'shanghai Shitpiles' and ugly hookers.

Billy: "Yeah, but he's gonna have free chinese food like last time too, remember how yummy that was?"

Peter: "Oooh yeah, fuck it, lets go.
by kel the dog August 5, 2010
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