Someone entirely useless at all sporting, academic or social activity. Often with no friends. Synonymous with 'total failure'.
Look at that guy, he's such a moron. What a Bakker.
by MyNameIsMichiel January 8, 2012
Bakkerism is a philosophy and/or religion based on the collective thought of the Dutch philosopher Nicolaas Bakker, who traveled between foriegn lands and culture for much of his life, learing the traditions and rituals of many different peoples. Finally originating while Bakker was traveling in the small Asian country of Palau, Bakkerism has begun to spread throughout South America and some Southern South African countries (most notably of which would be the North Eastern parst of the former Dutch colony of South Africa).

The goal of Bakkerism is much like the aim to Buddhism, to become free of suffering. Bakkerism also advocates the principles of free thought and reaching one's own true potential.

Bakkerism is sometimes seen as a very irregular religion, due to the fact that morals are not always placed at highest priority. Many traditional Western moral ideas are also left out and often seen by many Bakkerist as somewhat primative or unrealistic. Self discipline is taught in Bakkerism through mental training and general wisdom.

Bakkerism tends not to focus on supernatural existence, as it neither denies or approves the possibilities of their existence. For this reason, many Bakkerist often partake in other religious or tribalist ideas while still labeling themselves Bakkerist.
While living in South Africa, I converted to Bakkerism.
by Mtsusit Tsori March 31, 2005
Hitting a mountain after going too fast and completely losing control. Also see running out of talent.
He totally got bakkered, his car is trashed now it just sits on his driveway rusting.
by billy bob joe 3rd October 3, 2007
he is tall, handsome, outgoing, funny, social, loves attention, charming, has a great smile... girls love him! hes good at volleyball, soccer, hockey, football, basketball, u name it! he can sometimes be two faced... he's nice to some ppl but can be a total jerk to some ppl. you better watch yourself because his charm and his humour will get you to fall in love with him
wow he's like a (kyle) ! no he's better.. he's a kyle bakker!!
by smartgirl2013 May 22, 2010
A Downs Syndrome Who lives in swan reach He has an incredibly large scrotum which he uses for masturbational purposes only He also attempts to be good at a online moba League of Legends but all he does is feed and lose games for you
Last Night when i was playing lol and i had a Luke Bakker on my team so yeah i lost.
by mr mime429 July 29, 2013
someone hot from Marienburg
Milton Bakker is geil
by agirlhedoesntlike February 1, 2021