A white, british male known for their good humour, they are renowned for their God like qualities and extreme randomness.
He must be a Farley
by Falamalamalam18 January 26, 2011
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Josh attempted to conceal his throbbing farley in public.
by DaddyFliffus February 26, 2016
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In cornhole when the bag doesn't make it to the board but lands just short is called a Farley.
When a T-Rex plays Cornhole he only throws a Farley.
by OVC big Johnson November 19, 2019
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The process of eating a girls butthole out
I gave that girl a farley last night and she farted in my face.
by cp6694 May 31, 2011
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Function: verb
Inflected Forms: farleyed; farleying
Etymology: Modern English roots, named after the infamous social leech Patrick Farley.

1. a) To beg for or steal cigarettes. b) To cop a jack.
2. To attempt to pick up girls by begging for cigarettes.
3. To be a thieving douchebag.
1. Hey man, can I farley a cigarette?
2. Hold up, I'm going to go farley those ugly girls.
3. Man, you farleyed the shit out of his smokes.
by Patrick Farley January 18, 2006
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That Farley can shoot but he too slow.
by Fes June 3, 2006
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When your age is 18+ and you still get given everything from your parents.
That kid is such a Farley.
by Adalia May 7, 2018
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