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The most beautiful girl you could ever lay your eyes on. Secretly a genius, she'll make smart comments but not make you feel dumb. Although she's clumsy, she's a real athletic star. She has the craziest stories and dreams, and she makes you laugh every time she talks. Everyone wants a Fay but no one deserves her. You're the luckiest person alive if you get a Fay in your life.
Omg she's so CUTE. Such a Fay...
by cooliokiddo999 May 05, 2019
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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An smart girl who is often shy but when it comes to loved ones she is really caring she is not popular but has a lot of loyal friends she is not worried about herself she cares for others
Friend:"Fay I need your help I'm freeking out"
Fay:"what's wroung? Are you ok?"
by baby Gandalf July 28, 2015
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There is also a standardized female definition for Fay.

She is incredibly smart and with such intellect, this at times remains well under wraps. She chooses not to reveal to people just how intelligent she truly is.

Men find her easy to commune with and form friendships without any complications. However overtime, many find that a deeper liking for her will start to emerge as they get to know her more. Secret crushes will start to emerge from these friendships while Fay remains oblivious to this fact. Fay's personality remains the paramount cause for these crushes becoming more apparent.

She is quirky, cute and her personality can at times be deemed as a sexy asset. She has a smile that radiates so much truth and this smile is what will capture most men. She has a natural instinct for fun and surely knows how to have a good time out of almost nothing.

While positive attributes may present a rather bias view of her, she can also be viewed as immature from her lack of taking anything seriously at times. This should be taken lightly at all times though as Fay has the tendency to carry with her an abundance of jokes. This would also be aligned to her philosophical thought that supports that life is way too short to be so serious.

It's important to note that Fay also has an extremely perceptive, philosophical and insightful side to her, which is what keeps her friendships time-honored and lasting.
if there were a fay for every tomorrow, tomorrow would have a better reason to continue on.
by gregstahwegstah July 16, 2010
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Another word for a fairy (faerie, fairie, faery). The fay (fey, fae) also include elves, sprites, pixies, brownies, mermaids, dryads, imps, nymphs, and other small mythical creatures.
Jack: Did you see that litte fay?
Maria: Yeah, I did!
Sara: I didn't.
by JackTheShipper September 15, 2006
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n. a big flamboyant gay man. It is most commonly used by gay men, and those who hang out with them, affectionately towards physically large gay guys as a way of emphasizing positive feelings towards homosexuality and large body images. However, it is sometimes used pejoratively.

Etymology: The word is a combination of fat and gay, basically short for fat gay. It was first used in the San Fransisco Bay area in the early 1990s, but is now in widespread use amongst gay communities world wide.
John: Look at the big guy. I don't think he's wearing anything.
Jill: Yes he is. Notice that when he attempts to jump, the fat rolls come up and reveal his totally awesome thong, half rainbow, and half neon pink.
John: Haha, nice! I love it when gay pride parades turn into fay pride parades.
by pasta4dinner June 11, 2010
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Fay is an Irish surname. The name derives from the Norman surname "de Fae" which was introduced to Ireland in the 12th century. It is commonly found in counties Westmeath, Cavan and Monaghan. The native Gaelic surnames Ó Fiaich and Ó Fathaigh are sometimes anglicised as Fay.
Ralph Fay, James Fay, Patrick Fay, Sean Fay
by Larry Fay August 30, 2018
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