The most beautiful girl you could ever lay your eyes on. Secretly a genius, she'll make smart comments but not make you feel dumb. Although she's clumsy, she's a real athletic star. She has the craziest stories and dreams, and she makes you laugh every time she talks. Everyone wants a Fay but no one deserves her. You're the luckiest person alive if you get a Fay in your life.
Omg she's so CUTE. Such a Fay...
by cooliokiddo999 May 6, 2019
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An smart girl who is often shy but when it comes to loved ones she is really caring she is not popular but has a lot of loyal friends she is not worried about herself she cares for others
Friend:"Fay I need your help I'm freeking out"
Fay:"what's wroung? Are you ok?"
by baby Gandalf July 28, 2015
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Fay is a girl that you just can't miss because of her uniqueness. She has a thoroughly wonderful and unique charisma, a huge heart and so much more that it is not possible to list everything. She is the most beautiful person from the inside and outside that u ever met before and wow her eyes and smile will immediately enchant you. Fay immediately catches your attention and once you get to know her better you can't help but fall in love with her. She is the one person who has always been meant for you and who has reserved a place in your heart since the beginning of ur time. She will take and keep your heart forever, protecting and treating it with all her love. Fay always surprises you with new wonderful sides of her. There really are no negative sides to her. She has her kinks but you won't be able to help but to love them like everything else about her. She does make you to the happiest being in this universe and if you wanted to give Fay a fair description it couldn't be written here since there are uncountable and only good things about her. You love her indescribably much and you are thankful for her because she is everything you always wanted.
Fay is my wonderful girlfriend and ican't be more happy with her
by Josh256 March 12, 2020
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Another word for a fairy (faerie, fairie, faery). The fay (fey, fae) also include elves, sprites, pixies, brownies, mermaids, dryads, imps, nymphs, and other small mythical creatures.
Jack: Did you see that litte fay?
Maria: Yeah, I did!
Sara: I didn't.
by JackTheShipper September 15, 2006
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My gf and also one of the kindest and prettiest people I know
Me: omg fay is amazing

You: ikr
by briannethegirl October 13, 2019
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n. a big flamboyant gay man. It is most commonly used by gay men, and those who hang out with them, affectionately towards physically large gay guys as a way of emphasizing positive feelings towards homosexuality and large body images. However, it is sometimes used pejoratively.

Etymology: The word is a combination of fat and gay, basically short for fat gay. It was first used in the San Fransisco Bay area in the early 1990s, but is now in widespread use amongst gay communities world wide.
John: Look at the big guy. I don't think he's wearing anything.
Jill: Yes he is. Notice that when he attempts to jump, the fat rolls come up and reveal his totally awesome thong, half rainbow, and half neon pink.
John: Haha, nice! I love it when gay pride parades turn into fay pride parades.
by pasta4dinner June 11, 2010
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Fay is a fabulous person who is addicted to bands and loves concerts. She usually hates people and people usually hate her but she's too amazing to give a shit. She's weird but that's how she makes friends. She loves food and hates giving an effort. Falls in love too quickly. Hates herself and loves American Horror Story and sleep♡
Matty: Hey, have you seen Fay?
Garret: Probably still in bed being anti social

Matty: How do we get her out?
Garret: Food and bands...
by haiimaloser January 9, 2014
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