A perpetually drunk, never-nude, terminally ill woman who is allergic to her tongue and has many abilities and unique attributes. Among her skills are:

-Counting to six
-Seeing God
-Never being hungry
-Doing a Black Flip
-Providing abortions
-Burning down a hospital
-Guaranteeing protection
-Jumping across the street
-Sleeping in a chair
-Singing in the choir
-Immunity to AIDS
-Peeing with the lights off
-Finding you

She always comes first, and she is definitely not Asian. Also, Bono is her brother.
I'm Shithead and my body's a magnet.
by greatjeeeorb November 07, 2011
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1. One whos cranial cavity is filled with the excrement of his/her own and/or another living organism's bowel excrement/feces.
by Zacharoo March 25, 2003
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One whos ideas appear to have been formed while his/her head was inserted in their own anus.
Jude Law cheated on his girl friend Sienna Miller with a fat, nasty babysitter. What a Shit Head!
by PhillyJester May 01, 2006
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1. (noun) an asshole that is stupid
2. (noun) Justin Beiber
3. (noun) one's head after it is defecated upon
Bill: Did you see that prepubescent faggot Beiber singing love songs and dancing around like a wind-up monkey?

Joe: Oh yeah, that butt-plug. He's a shithead. And it literally looks like he has a shithead.

Bill: I am pretty certain that he did probably pull his head out of some guy's asshole.
by backspinboy September 21, 2010
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A term for someone who committed a very stupid act or for someone who is just always an idiot. Someone who is so stupid, you question if their brains are made of shit.
1. Only a true shithead would light himself on fire while naked looking for publicity on YouTube.
2. He gone and blew his lips off sucking them through that soda bottle... what a shithead!!
by Cheeto Dust October 26, 2015
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N; Proper name; Pronounced "Sha-theed" or "Shi-theed".
The lady filling out the birth certificate said, "For the third time, ma'am, you cannot name your daughter Shithead, no matter how you pronounce it."
by wallamh September 11, 2003
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what your mother calls your father when he's not around or when she's drunk
"mom were's dad?" "Oh, that shit head? probley at a bar with that whore secretary of his!"
by Sejas February 21, 2010
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