I was chillen with shithead last night, I may or may not have gotten it in
by notwyattbecker September 11, 2014
Shithead is a person who loves to see turds fly around.
by Evil Madness July 27, 2003
amy you my friend are a shithead
by sexcbeast April 10, 2005
i card game played by hardcore muthafuckas. made famous by winnerburn and his massive. there are many adaptations to the rules but anyone who doesn't play by the winnerburn rules is a pussy
winnerburn - 'here mate do u fancy a game of shithead?'
shep 'hell yeh bitch'
by Shep The Wiggerist November 10, 2006
The name that girls who are still bitter will use when talking about their ex boyfriend
Ex-girlfriend: Did you see what shithead was wearing?

Best friend: Yeah he looked a right twat!
by toastmmm November 29, 2009

A perpetually drunk, never-nude, terminally ill woman who is allergic to her tongue and has many abilities and unique attributes. Among her skills are:

-Counting to six
-Seeing God
-Never being hungry
-Doing a Black Flip
-Providing abortions
-Burning down a hospital
-Guaranteeing protection
-Jumping across the street
-Sleeping in a chair
-Singing in the choir
-Immunity to AIDS
-Peeing with the lights off
-Finding you

She always comes first, and she is definitely not Asian. Also, Bono is her brother.
I'm Shithead and my body's a magnet.
by greatjeeeorb November 7, 2011
Someone who is really pissing you the fuck off so you call them something like "shithead" because that is what they are being.
My ex boyfriend is being a fucking shithead
by Broken Black Heart. January 30, 2017