any person who believes them self to be of a higher value of any other being alive. they will only talk to people who they feel reach their level. they will deny anyone who they believe to be inferior to them, but they fail to realize these are the people who are or equal to the level of the person.

in other words, their level is sadly low if not non existent.
the annoying shit head in the party had driven me to the point where i went zonkers
by wise and noble June 19, 2010
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1. Someone who has has shit in their head instead of a brain like regular people.

2. Also someone with a considerably shitty personality.

That dude is such a shithead! He just pissed in the coffee machine in the break room!
by For Shizil My Nizil December 21, 2006
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A head filled with shit,
Someone whose head is filled with shit
Joe is a shithead.
You have shit for brains, so you are a shithead.
by Tsu February 04, 2003
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A selfish person that has no consideration for another persons feelings because he/she was born with shit in their head instead of brains

One who enjoys being a compulsive liar and deceiver. Every time they open their mouths shit pours out from their cranial cavity. Often politely referred to as a bullshit artist

A greeting called out to attract the attention of a dishonest person
Hey Sid you shithead
by Chuddie February 04, 2016
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Supporter of or anyone currently or formerly associated with Bristol City (1982) Football Club
"He's only a poor little shithead,
his face is all tattered and torn
he made me feel sick
so I hit him with a brick
and now he don't sing any more"

Song to be sung at shitheads
by Rob Bayliss January 08, 2004
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any of the orange and green o-shaped cereal pieces in the Apple Jacks family of cereals; ie Apple Jacks, Apple Zings, Apple Dapples, Apple Rings, Apple Zaps etc. It's all the same shithead.
Did you know shithead burns? Yup, it doesn't matter if it is Apple Rings or Apple Zaps, if you light it, it will burn. All those cereals taste alike too.
by I'm Not LIke You Guys May 16, 2020
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