A name you call your boyfriend/girlfriend when they say or do something stupid. A compliment to their ignorance. It implies that they must have shit in their head for a brain.

"You shithead" ....right after they just disclaim that Africa is a state.
by Sheila G July 7, 2006
A sad excuse of a human being, often found at home on a saturday afternoon watching Manchester United as opposed to going to watch his local team (Bristol City). A complete losser in life.
by Dave December 21, 2003
Shithead. Head full of usless shit. Shit pooring from every opening.
Dubya is a shithead. A hate filled, big tent revival sorta stain with shit for morals and shit for brains. One who ate the brown acid and now runs the free world.
by Liberal Bob October 27, 2005
A supporter of Bristol City PLC 1982 Ltd.

Often pronounced ''sheedhead'' in a Bristolian accent.
''He's a dirty shithead''
by Eastville Gas November 30, 2007
Why does everybody want to pronounce this word as "Shitehead"? That's an entirely different word, from a Scots origin. Shithead is a very simple insult - it just means cretin, imbecile, unpleasant person, tosser, worthless pile of wank... just anyone who upset you recently. (and how do you change the pronunciation entry for an item that already has one posted???)
George Bush junior- what a fucking SHITHEAD!!!
by notapaki July 31, 2003
card game with very complicated rules, but is still the best card game. can be made into a very nasty drinking game
anyone fancy a game of shithead?
by hound January 16, 2004
a person who has shit on their head

persons who hair smells like poo
wow did you smell steph wents hair when she walked by, it smelt like shit. She's a shithead for sure.

Steph thinks shes so cool with that piece of shit on her head.

Stephs head stinks, what a shithead
by zurm1 December 14, 2010