a person who acts stupid enough to have shit for brains. they usually (or most times) say stupid things like "eew cooties!!" and acts very immature
Guy: this computer is gay!
Girl: Shit Head
Guy: what did you say about my cooties?
by aissjdo April 17, 2007
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(n) Shi'thead- the Arabic equivalent of the standard english insult "shithead". Can be used candidly without most people grasping that you are actually establishing what an idiot they are.

Also a fantastic name for your dog.
Mok: Hey man, do you like this pink Izod shirt I just paid $85 for?

Daddy Pants: Yeah, it makes you look like an even bigger shi'thead than you already are. Good job!
by Daddy Pants January 12, 2006
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A supporter of Bristol City (1982) Ltd.
4,500 Shitheads attended City's home game against MK Dons on Saturday.
by Irene1883 February 04, 2017
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one who is completely irrelevant to everyone around them

only cares for ones self
takes pride in humiliating others
by magicmarkermassacre May 23, 2005
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