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to cause commotion by poking fun or revealing information to get a reaction (also see trolling)
you're just shit stirring - stop it or someone could lose an eye!
by Sinister Intent June 15, 2004
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Deliberately making exaggerated remarks to elicit an aggravated response from another person. Normally done to get a reaction out of the person/group of people.
Me: I can't make it to your party, the traffic is really heavy.
Ethan: Why, do you hate me??? :(
Me: WHAT?? No! You're just shit stirring.
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by stephskiii January 20, 2019
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Someone causing trouble for multiple people, this can be by spreading rumours or known facts that would be preferred to be kept a secret. It's not sharing your opinion.
He didn't need to tell her she doesn't need to know - shit stirring
by Michael hunt November 23, 2015
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