to cause commotion by poking fun or revealing information to get a reaction (also see trolling)
you're just shit stirring - stop it or someone could lose an eye!
by Sinister Intent June 15, 2004
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Someone causing trouble for multiple people, this can be by spreading rumours or known facts that would be preferred to be kept a secret. It's not sharing your opinion.
He didn't need to tell her she doesn't need to know - shit stirring
by Michael hunt October 6, 2015
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starting trouble out of the blue for literally no good reason other than to entertain urself out of boredom for the reactions of others
Chloe: Sorry love im really busy this weekend i’ll try to catch up later :)
Lily: You hate me don’t you :(
Chloe: wtf i’m literally studying this weekend stop shit stirring
by animal monkey February 6, 2021
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To delibritly cause trouble or an arguement by disagreeing with someone even though you think they are right.
John looks like he could do with good shit stir today.
by james chadima January 14, 2004
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Meaning to cause trouble, disagreeing with someone, causing an argument.

Someone who likes to cause trouble, stir up arguments.
These problems would have been easily solved, but Sarah goes and shit stirs and makes a mountain out of a mole hill.
by The English Person August 11, 2008
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Deliberately making exaggerated remarks to elicit an aggravated response from another person. Normally done to get a reaction out of the person/group of people.
Me: I can't make it to your party, the traffic is really heavy.
Ethan: Why, do you hate me??? :(
Me: WHAT?? No! You're just shit stirring.
by stephskiii January 21, 2019
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The act of saying things about other people that could have heavy implications if they were true, but which however you can't prove
Boris to Francesca: Hey fran you spent a very long time in the meeting with jeremy today. What were you doing in the room
Francesca to Boris: Shut up Boris don't stir shit, you know i have a bf
by Marakesh October 3, 2006
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