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The act of saying things about other people that could have heavy implications if they were true, but which however you can't prove
Boris to Francesca: Hey fran you spent a very long time in the meeting with jeremy today. What were you doing in the room
Francesca to Boris: Shut up Boris don't stir shit, you know i have a bf
by Marakesh October 03, 2006
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Taken from the Maltese saying "Qtajt Harja tajba"
Refers to the situation when one takes a dump that really makes the person feel better about himself for several reasons including:
1. A characteristic bad smell that causes chaos in the bathroom
2. Causes plumbing problems
3. Makes the person feel lighter
4. When at a camping and taking a dump is usually quite a tough process
After returning to his desk i asked Marc why he had such a smile on his face. He answered by pointing out the fact that he had just cut a good shit and had to flush twice to get it down the drain.
by Marakesh October 18, 2006
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A person who gets a kick out of having sex with the corpse of a baby(or young) animal.
"Hey look at that guy fucking that dead kitten. What a zoonecropedophile".
by Marakesh October 30, 2006
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