12 definitions by james chadima

Australian slang:

Having something that is unjust or just plain wrong done to someone or something.This come from the game of cricket which is regarded as a gentlemans game were fairplay was paramount.
1stperson:Did you see that guy punch that other guy.

2nd person:yeah,its just not cricket.
by james chadima January 14, 2004
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Anything which is positioned at the back of something.
The boot is at the arse end of the car
by james chadima January 15, 2004
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What you call your child when they are up to no good,can have the prefix evil ie:evil spawn.
My dfauaghter can be like spawn sometimes.
by james chadima January 16, 2004
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A thin layer of pre-impregnated fibre glass used to bond two pieces of core together in a composite structure.
After examining the composite structure it was clear the septum had disbonded.
by james chadima January 11, 2004
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Also Known as Tripple Jwhich is one of Australias best radio stations.See www.tripplej.com.au.
JJJ is the best radio station.
by james chadima January 15, 2004
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Australian slang for having a look at something, as did Captain Cook, a British sailor who founded Australia.
by james chadima January 12, 2004
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When someone is trying really hard to sell you something that you dont need eg:vacuum cleaner
I was given the hard sell on that piece of shit over there.
by james chadima January 16, 2004
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