Francesca is the girl that is closest to perfect. She is nice to everyone, funny, and has the cutest laugh and smile. She is not just one of the prettiest girls you could know she's cute, hot, beautiful, adorable, sexy, and stunning. Basically, she is almost perfect, and you couldn't find anyone better than her.
"Have you ever met Francesca"
"Yeah shes amazing"
"Isn't she? I love her"
by trustamerican November 23, 2011
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Francesca is a girl who deserves everything she wants. She's the prettiest girl I've ever known, and I know I'll love her forever. She always needs hugs and love. She tries to hide it when she cries, but I can always see. She's easily depressed but should always have friends to cheer her up. She's not a slut or a whore, she doesn't always dress the nicest, she could act like someone she's not, but she wants to do that, okay? So stay away from this chick. Francesca is the best girl I've ever met.
(P.S. Her name means free and that's why she is. She's free to do what she wants without having to listen to the crap she gets every day from you guys at school.)
Francesca: *moping alone at lunch*
Jennifer: Hey, Fran! Come with me, I needa get a cookie.
Francesca: *perks up* Sure, Jen! Let's go.

Francesca: Hey, do you really like me like that?
Me: Well, why would I write all this about you if I didn't?
Francesca: Well... Maybe it's because you feel bad?
Me: Why would I feel bad? I'm the luckiest guy out there.
Francesca: *smiles* Okay then!
by That Super Lucky Guy May 11, 2011
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the name Francesca is italian
meaning: "FREE"

a beautiful & strong feminine name.
Francesca,the queen of day
by ceskao October 24, 2006
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A beautiful name for a beautiful person.
Francesca is a super gorgeous woman, who may not believe it. she has an amazing personality, listens to only the best music, and has such an odd sense of humour that you have to find her jokes funny.
She sometimes does silly things that you cant help but laugh at, and thats why we love her.
If all the compliments in the world would make her believe she was gorgeous, you would want to write them out
"that girl just said the weirdest thing! it was hilarious!"

"oh, that'll be Francesca!"
by We_Love_Francesca November 13, 2011
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a beautiful bitch with the sexiest smile youll ever lay your eyes on, talented and outgoing, gorgeous eyes, ever fine youself a francesca- never let her go-youll regret it, shy but once you get to know her, crazy with an amzing personality and totally sexy, luvs the summer and loves her bf with everything shes got, soft and sweet on the outside-but really get on her nerves and there goes your living shit!
by luvernoybS.334 February 28, 2011
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Francesca is a beautiful girl who cares for everyone. Like the Italian meaning of her name (free) Francesca loves the open air and all nature. She is known through out her school, however, she only hangs around with a small group of friends who all love her so much. She has beautiful brown hair and the most magnificent hazel (brown and green) eyes that match. Francesca is talented, hilarious, gorgeous and not to mention creative. She is amazing at art, however gets awkward when people compliment it. She may seem uncomfortable at first but once you get to know her, she is the bestest friend you could ever ask for. Everyone needs a Francesca in their lives ❤️❤️❤️
Me >*cries in the lockers*
Francesca > *sees* Hey!! What's wrong *rubs back*

Me> *sniffles* My boyfriend cheated on me...
Francesca> that Son of a bitch, cmon, we'll show him who's boss

Me>thanks francesca
by CallMeRiver June 22, 2017
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Francesca is an all around gorgeous girl! She has beautiful eyes and a perfect smile. Her laugh and smile are very very contagious and very cute. When's she's with her friends she's super outgoing and alittle crazy. Francesca can be stupid sometimes but you still love her. She cares about everyone and most likely will grow up and do something that involves helping.! Francesca probably plays a sport like swimming, softball, or volleyball. And on top of all that she has an awesome bod and a phat ass!
Francesca is gorgeous and silly
by Sarah Lancaster March 14, 2017
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