Said when something bad happens, sometimes in a derisive manner.
Ed: I got caught with porn by my mom.
Bob: Shit one.
by niall February 15, 2004
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Having a good day or… a shit one
Hey how’s it going, hope you’re having a shit one- North Borders
by March 26, 2022
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to be organized, to be able accomplish a task
If you don't get your shit in one sock, you are never going to get that project done on time.

This term originated in the US Navy, and a "sock" is a term for seabag. A sailor who was not organized would not be able to put all of his belongings in one bag to be ready for quick deployment. Hence, the need to "get your shit in one sock".

After watching someone perform a task really well, you might say "Wow, that guy really has his shit in one sock."
by The Real Davy Jones January 13, 2008
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While taking a dump, a person simply produces just one big long piece of shit that amazes the human eye. Although, this will be the only piece of shit you're able to get out during your entire bathroom session, the joy that comes with it is immeasurable. Common feelings include deep satisfaction, amazement, relief, and a well sense of being.
"I felt like my ass was gonna explode after all those tacos we ate man! But, instead I just had a one shit wonder! The thing had to be a good foot and a half long. So satisfying. So soothing"
by Mr Tasty May 29, 2009
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To have a complete mental and physical breakdown as a result of someone's jackassery or assholery.
When I mentioned I wanted to become a woman, my girlfriend totally lost her shit.

Good grief, if you kids don't stop with this jackassery, I'm going to lose my shit!
by groovygrrl October 13, 2004
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when you take a dump, and your creation goes through the hole, so when you turn to appreciate your sculpture you can only see the tip of it.
#1-Man, the other day I took a great crap.
#2- yeah? how big was it,
#1- couldn't tell, it was a shit-hole in one
by jtizzles April 22, 2010
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