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Where there seems to be an emotional connection or sexual tension between two characters from fiction, as if they could be in a relationship. Shippy scenes can inspire shipping.
That hug was so shippy... Ash and Misty are made for each other...
by Blue Jack July 11, 2008
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An adjective to describe something to do with romantic relationships, especially by fans of TV shows to descricibe a romantic moment between 2 characters. Fans of a certain TV shows' romantic moments are called a <TV show> shipper.
That scene with Drake and Mandy is so shippy.
by Neavers November 09, 2006
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A person that lives the lifestyle of a hippy at the expense of other more responsible people; a shitty hippy.
He enjoys peaceful living as long as it doesn't involve working or paying rent.
Yeah, he's a shippy.
by strawbearie77 December 04, 2013
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A person who, at every opportunity, mentions an achievement they are proud of in every conversation.
Andrew: Shaun, you coming round then?
James: Hey, did i ever tell you i once climbed Mount Everest
Shaun: Yeah, for god sake James, your such a Shippy.
by Jimmyson19 February 27, 2008
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A adjective describing someone who is always stoned/drunk. Can also be used to describe someone who has serious, serious ADD

A noun that can be given to someone who is a bum and is always occupied trying to find ways of getting stoned/drunk.
"That fool was acting pretty shippy during last nights party"
"Damn, another shippy passed out on my yard"
"I saw two shippies selling meth in an alley"
by heinrich p blickitsmann June 02, 2005
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