Mandy is the sweetest most genuine person you would ever wish for.Meeting her would be the best thing that would happen to your life!Mandy is so loyal,you can always count on her to be there for you.Talking to mandy is never tiring,infact you would talk to her for hours and not realize it!She is not only beatiful from the inside,but also from the outside!She would wear an oversized hoodie and pants and would rock the outfit!She is multi talented in lots of stuff and she is the perfect match of real friendship.You are one of those lucky people if you have a mandy in your life!
Who are you texting rn?
Aren't you bored yet?
It's NEVER boring when it comes mandy!
by Lexi minette November 7, 2019
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A caring kind person, who looks after everyone. She wants everyone to be happy even when she is not.
Oh Mandy's so great I love Mandy!:)
by M_SW2 May 31, 2017
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A really quirky and awesome girl. She always has your back and stays with you to help you when you're down. She's shy, but when you get to know her she's hilarious and outgoing. Mandy has beautiful dark brown hair and a gorgeous smile. She loves being creative and will cheer anyone up when they need a smile. If you ever meet a Mandy, stick with her until the end.
There's Mandy! I heard she's super fun!
by |\C{;sc April 3, 2018
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Mandy...or otherwise known as amanda, but if you call her that she will kick you.

She is completely truth worthy and the best friend any one could ever have no

matter what! She will listen to you and give you all the advice that she can.

She will understand you when you fail to understand your self, and she will tell

you what you need to hear even if you don't want to, but it is all because she

cares so much for you.

She will bake cookies with you for hours at a time and occasionally will find

you annoying but you and her both know that you can't live without each other

despite the fights that ensue.

She knows everything there is to know about you and tells you her secrets

because she trusts you and because she loves you that much (or you hope she


You will know her for a long time and the entire time you will remain friends

(give or take a few days of fights) and years after you steal her beads you tell

her the truth and you both laugh hilariously about it and then she tells you

about the time that she tried to steal $20 from you but it fell under the

dresser. Then resulting we both look for it and cannot find it... :D

Mandy will always stand by your side and BTWS she loves fires. She is gorgeous

and doesn't know it yet and she has the best smile ever.

Additionally she is sarcastic but that is what makes her her.
guy: damnmm that amanda is finnee

girl:....did you just call her amanda?

guy: yah why?

Mandy: <kicks guy>
by youknowitbe<3 December 12, 2009
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A woman who is shy and quiet but highly intelligent. She is often unaware of the inner beauty that others see in her. Men are drawn to her, captivated by her sensuality but few can tame her because she is a free spirit who will not be caged. If you have a Mandy for a friend, she will be a loyal and devoted friend who will do absolutely anything for you...that is, until you cross her, and then beware. Her intelligence also gives her the ability to be devious. She is capable of stealth and creative forms of revenge that her enemies will never see coming.
You'd better treat Mandy right or she will mess you up!
by nerdsanctuary February 4, 2010
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The most awesome person ever, she is pretty much a blueprint for a perfect girl. She is the bestest friend ever. Also, she loves coffee.
That girl sure is amazing, I bet she is named Mandy.
by Brutester December 23, 2010
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The most awesome person ever, she is pretty much a blueprint for a perfect girl. She will always be there for you. Also, she loves coffee. So getting her a coffee mug would be a great idea!
That girl sure is awesome, I bet her name is Mandy.
by Brutester December 23, 2010
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