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In fanfic, putting characters into a romantic relationship, such as writing Ash + Misty from Pokemon as a couple. Often plays on perceived chemistry between characters in the original series. Abbreviated form of the word relationshipping.
These fanfics are just a load of shipping. There's no plot...
by Blue Jack July 11, 2008

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Haikus have three lines.
The first has five syllables,
Then seven, then five.

Proper haikus are about nature, especially the seasons; the structure tends to be more important than the words.
A haiku:
Underneath a tree
Summer air is so easy.
So is yo mama.
by Blue Jack January 03, 2009

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Writing stuff on your hands so you remember it.
Meeting at seven? Just let me put that into manual memory... *writes on hand*

I learned to write with my left hand so I could double my manual memory.
by Blue Jack June 30, 2008

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Also known as a t9onym. When you type one word into predictive text, and another comes up because the letters are on the same keys. Popular examples include book/cool and Smirnoff/Poisoned.
On cup good now? Damn t9agrams!
(On bus home now)
by Blue Jack August 11, 2008

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Standing or sitting in the sections between carriages on a busy train, 'cos all the seats are taken.
Usually on an unplanned long-distance trip, where the seats are all booked in advance.
About as far from first class as you can get without going outside the train.
After missing the train we'd booked seats on, we had to travel corridor class until we got to Birmingham.
by Blue Jack November 23, 2008

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The crossover between physics and philosophy, like around the origins of the universe. Closer to mathematics than either of these disciplines.
Stephen Hawking is a philosophysicist - he is involved with philosophysics.
by Blue Jack August 13, 2008

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'The Internet', in a stereotypical Northern English accent in which the word 'the' is shortened to 't'. Used normally in a tongue-in-cheek or self-parodying fashion. The word 'tinterweb' also exists, but is rarely used.
Research? Log onto tinternet and let's see what we can find.
by Blue Jack October 09, 2008

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